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How to Choose a Plumber

The leak from a pipe fitting that costs below one dollar can readily lead to thousands of dollars worth of water damage, mess up your household routine for weeks or months, and just knock your remodel schedule off balance. In other words, call in a licensed, insured and bonded plumber every time you have plumbing issues.

For ordinary drips and clogs, you may save the cost of a plumber by pulling a DIY. But for anything beyond this kind, admit that you need a pro and hire one. Plumbing isn’t tough, but it calls for so much knowledge. Code requirements are just a small fraction of it; mastery of materials is also a must. For example, when working with PVC, you should know how hard you can crank on it before it breaks. Otherwise, a $10 repair can develop into a battery of problems.

Be ready for an emergency situation by starting a relationship with a plumber before need. If possible, have him do non-emergency fixes or installations within business hours. It’s easier to hold a plumber’s attention if you’re a well-known customer as opposed to a panicked stranger who wants a gushing waste pipe fixed at 9pm on a Saturday night.

When selecting a plumber, ask for evidence of their license. Plumbers need a license in most states, and a number will usually be provided for consumers to see whether or not the license is current or valid and has no active complaints. Any plumber on your list should have a current workers’ compensation policy, as well as a minimum of $500,000 of liability coverage.

Your Costs

The cost of emergency plumbing almost always comes as a shock. Are plumbers simply taking advantage? Are plumbers just taking advantage of consumers? Are plumbers simply taking advantage of helpless consumers? Occasionally, if you end up with a cowboy, but in general, the high rates are explained by the short duration of the job. Though the plumber may spend less than an hour in your home, he’ll be spending time to get your problem fixed – driving to your place, getting some parts from the hardware, driving back again, etc.- and you’ll be paying him for all that time.

For a drain-clearing specialist, expect to pay no less than $70 hourly for drain lines and some $125 hourly for sewer lines. Problems can often be resolved in an hour’s time. If you call on a weekend or at night, expect a higher charge.

On the other hand, basic plumbing services, like leak repair or new trap installations, prepare from $45 to $65 hourly on top of parts, which the plumber will mark up depending on his wholesale price. Weekend or night calls may cost as much as $100 only for the call and $75 for the following hour. At these rates, do take advantage of the plumber’s time by asking for options are and advice preventing the same problem from recurring.

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